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Executive Director

AnaAlicia Cruz

AnaAlicia is the Founder and Executive Director of Nourish My Soul where her passion for using healthy food to heal more than a body, but also mind and spirit is put to work in communities every day. Getting hands in the dirt and nurturing life can have a profound impact on reducing stress and anxiety, while cooking and sharing a meal with others feeds more than a body, but also a soul. AnaAlicia believes in the strength and resilience of every community and brings a legacy of health, hope, and strength to the many communities she has worked in - building school and community gardens, nutrition education, outdoor learning experiences, farmers markets, youth empowerment programs, culinary training, and community meals and food access programs. Outside of Nourish My Soul, AnaAlicia can be found enjoying time with her family (usually outside!) , running in the woods with her dog, laughing with friends until her stomach hurts, or sewing fun creations.


Nourish My Soul is a nonprofit that believes everyone should have access to healthy foods. You can help us make that happen by paying it forward so we can open these classes to everyone regardless of income.